CO₂ technology training

for Engineers

Current course dates 2019

October 2019

2 days for Engineers

Date: 8-9 October2019
Language: English or Swedish
Number of days: 2
Last date for registration: 8 September 2019
Location: The Netherlands. 

October 2019

 4 days combined theoretical / practical

 Date: 8-11 October 2019
 Language: English or Swedish
 Number of days: 4                                   Last day for registration: 8 September 2019  Location: The Netherlands   ,        

Download course content (4 days)

October 2019

2 days for Technicians

Date: 10-11 October 2019
Language: English or Swedish
Number of days: 2                                    Last day for registration: 8 September 2019
Location: The Netherlands or local site   


Note: training language can be changed depending on the participants

Course Content 2 days (preliminary)

Day 1

Introduction to CO₂

  • Why carbon dioxide?

  • Environmental impact of refrigerants

  • Basic refrigeration

  • CO₂ system solutions

  • Energy efficiency

  • Theoretical cases/exercises

System components

  • Typical pack design

  • Compressors

  • Heat exchangers

  • Valves


  • Handling of gas bottles

  • Safety valves

  • Gas detectors

  • Personal safety

  • Safety equipment

PED & Materials

  • PED - Pressure Equipment Directive

  • Pressure testing

  • Materials in systems

  • Seals, hoses, etc.

  • Tube material and brazing technolog

Heat recovery solutions

  • Types of heat recovery systems

  • Heat recovery control

  • Temperature levels - one or two stages

  • Performance and efficiency

  • Optimized systems

CO₂ applications

  • Small applications

  • Heat pumps

  • Industrial

Day 2

Refrigeration units and systems

  • Single units

  • Booster units

  • 3-temperature level units

  • Condensing units

Case studies – system design and calculation exercises

  • Pack design

  • Heat exchangers theoretical and practical design

  • Component design tools

  • Pipe sizing

  • System comparison and simulation tools

  • Application examples

Softwares and tools

  • Compressor selection tools

  • CoolPackPack Calculation II

  • Simple-one-stage

  • Refprop

Summary and wrap up

  • Q&A

  • Discussion

  • Final comments

Documentation to participants

  • USB including all documents



Course Details

2 or 4 days

Aeres Tech Training Centre, Zandlaan 27, Ede, Holland. Nearest airport is Schiphol, Amsterdam.

Starting point
The importance of understanding CO₂ refrigeration technology and the essential role of the consultant/engineer in contacts with end users and contractors.

Awareness of the role of the consultant as the linchpin between end users and contractors/suppliers of materials etc.

Learning by doing, learn things today – do things tomorrow, in your own professional situation. 


  1. Explanation of the subject by the instructor.

  2. Discussion and exchange of knowledge and experiences between participants and instructor.

  3. Personal approach – present and wanted/desired.

  4. The participants practise the new behaviour.

  5. Personal action plan for each practised subject.

Size of the group
7-12 participants